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Lindeberg Bageri


Lindeberg Bakery based in Saltjö-Boo, in the outskirts of Stockholm needed a touch up of their brand. The concept we developed was based on Daniel Lindeberg passion for hand crafted goods, and finesse for french pastries. We wanted him to be unique out in the suburban neighbourhood with hand illustration and a playfulness.

Lindeberg Bageri



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Art Direction

The visual identity was based on my design proposal “playful french”. In collaboration with Design Director Eva Aggerborg, she finalised the design which was then applied into Web design by Josefin Fridlund.



I hand illustrated Daniel’s cakes, buns and breads. These illustartions were applicated to the cafe walls, wrapping paper and website icons.


Visit the website here.



Original Art Direction: Ellen Syrjala
Illustration: Ellen Syrjala
Design Director: Eva Aggerborg
Web Design: Josefin Fridlund