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Alfons Åbergs Kulturhus is a cultural centre for children in Göteborg whose core focus is in playtime.
We saw that in an all increasing digital consumption it's hard to find initiative for analogue playtime. Research shows that digital screentime is increasing and that it mostly passivates children, which is harrowing since playtime that activates children is vital for them to develop their imagination.
How could AÅK offer a interactive and digital play time? By creating an app that bridges analogue play and digital screen time.

Lekens värld
Alfons Åbergs Kulturhus


The app uses the front face camera and AR visuals as well as image recognition software, to create an analogue and digital experience.


We wrote a manifesto for the target audience the parents to remind the importance of playtime. Played on sponsored popular parent podcasts.


To let people know about the app we launched a print campaign in Göteborg public transport.
Prints that encouraged people to take the prints down, and home with them. The prints work both for playtime and interaction in the app. On the backside of the print we left a message to further direct people to Alfons Åberg Culture centre.


The cut outs could also be used in app, with image recognition software.



Art Director Ellen Syrjala
Art Director Hugo Barne
Copywriter Vilma Heimer
Copywriter Johanna Davis