Body Complex


The beauty industry communicates homogeneously when it comes to beauty and bodies. Most of us walk around with body complex issues, and body consciousness. “My hairy legs, my oily forehead, that crooked toe”.These are rarely shown in beauty ads.
LUSH however, is centered around helping people feel better about themselves, others, and the world around them. How can they help people feel less bad about their body complexities? Body complexities that really aren't the whole world, but sometimes feel like they are.
The solution is out of this world. We launch all that body shame into space in unison together to once and for all put our shame into perspective.


“Now, as waiflike models are replaced with Rubenesque ones, can plus-size fashion be freed from the burdens of identity politics and cultural prejudices — to simply exist as clothes and not statements? When will a plus-size model get to stop representing diversity and simply be part of the pack? Does every plus-size model really slay?”

“xxxx picture aims for a kind of raw honesty, and it upends everything the culture has taught us about beauty and desirability.”

Body Complex

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The idea was for LUSH to collect data on people’s body complexes to an online platform. They did this through screens in store and through SOME. The campaign was divided into two phases, phase one was gathering content and phase two was the launch into space LIVE.

Later the collected data and the launch video would be visible on the platform to spur discussions and create recognition in body image complex, leaving us all with a slightly new perspective.

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Art Director Ellen Syrjala
Art Director Jack Strömer
Copywriter Nicholas Sjöberg